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New Zealand author provides insight on living with ADHD and ASD

9 October 2016

Julie Hanify is a Wellington author and teacher. She has felt different for as long as she can remember, suffering from anxiety, obsession and an inability to prioritise or slow her life down. A Small Blue Thing is Julie's memoir of her life before and after her diagnosis as an adult with ADHD who is also on the autism spectrum. The diagnosis changed Julie's life and has helped her to recognise and assist others like her, especially the children she teaches.

A Small Blue Thing will appeal to those with ADHD and ASD and other similar disorders, and their families, as well as the counsellors, medical people and teachers who work alongside them. The book can be purchased from Mākaro Press for $35 

ISBN 978-0-9941237-7-0


31 December 2015

ADD information service adviser Mrs Robin Wynne-Williams is awarded the The Queen's Service Medal (QSM) for services to mental health support. Robin said she couldn't have established the ADD Assessment and Family Support Centre in Wellington without the support of others. It was a team effort.

Look out for signs of ADHD in the elderly that could be confused with Alzheimer’s

Mirror 8 November 2015

Recognising gifted autistic children

Originally aired on Radio New Zealand National Nine to Noon, 22 July 2015

An interview with Lynn Berresford on how to identify the learning, social and emotional gifts of children with autism. She says those children are usually complex, highly sensitive individuals who face daunting challenges at home and adjusting to school.

Anxiety with Adult ADHD: What to Do

Psychology Today 14 June 2015

Adult ADHD doesn’t usually travel alone. Among its more common companions are depression, alcohol and drug abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette’s syndrome, and of course, anxiety. Having ADHD and another condition can make treatment trickier, but it’s crucial to address everything that’s going on if you’re going to get the most out of your treatment. Read

The Forgotten History of Autism

TED March 2015

A talk about autism awareness correcting some misunderstandings, including about prevalence. Watch

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