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Inquiries are usually answered within 24 hours. Phone if you need urgent assistance.


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Contact Information

ADD Information Service

027 335 3581

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 9-5pm

Sat: 10-4pm

Sun: Closed


The ADD Information Service is based in Christchurch where a personal consultation is possible. Our experienced advisor will discuss issues and provide options for you regardless of where you live.

Personal Consultation

There is a fee for providing this service that will be discussed with you beforehand. The fee covers the time, usually more than an hour, depending on the person’s requirements, and the resources involved, including:

  • printed and verbal information
  • instruction regarding the disorders, medication, parenting, educational, social and employment issues
  • assistance with completing and posting the assessment forms
  • discussing options as to where to go for an assessment and future planning
  • taking a brief history
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