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Assessment Process

Comprises four components:

Specialist Assessment

In the case of a child or adolescent, a specialist assessment is carried out by a Paediatrician who will use all the information provided.

They will carry out a physical and developmental assessment of the child/adolescent and should develop an action or care plan.

Parent/caregiver input will be required.

Following the Assessment

Appropriate literature and information is provided by the specialist.

More information and/or documentation may be required, e.g. such as cognitive assessments, or further information from school, other specialists, and the GP, as required by the specialist.

Further medical investigations may be required.

The child/teenager/adolescent may require a referral to mental health services.

A tentative or reasonably definite diagnosis may be made.

A medication trial may be recommended, and information about any medication to be used provided to the family.


Family consent for reports of the visit and the plan of action if letters are to be sent to schools and others, other than the referring GP.

Subsequent Care

Subsequent follow up and ongoing assessment visits will be organised as required.

Families will be given ongoing support and information. The information will relate to the child's/teenager's/adolescents particular difficulty and the effects on them and their family.


For persons over the age of 20 the procedure is similar. Information is given on how and where to access care, including assistance with completion of assessment forms. Appropriate and specific information is provided about ADHD and ASD for adults including for women. Information about legal services is provided when required. 

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