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Information Required

Preparation for the Initial Screen

Provide background information on the brief history of the problem for the child/teenager/adolescent and family.

Identify the families concerns about the child/ teenager/adolescent, such as about their development, health, age when problems commenced, what are the problems, relationships with siblings, family and friends.

Consider the most appropriate service or clinician for the child's/adolescent's problems.

Preparation for the Paediatric Assessment

Give information about the required and/or helpful documentation for the paediatric assessment, e.g. such as information from:

  • GP referral letter
  • Any previous specialist reports
  • Comments from school/kindergarten, and RTLB Service (Resource Teacher: Learning & Behaviour) if involved
  • Public Health Nurse, e.g. comments, or referral letter
  • CAFS (Children & Adolescents Families Services) reports
  • Psychologist reports
  • Puketiro Centre developmental services reports (if in Capital Coast Health area)
  • Speech reports
  • Audiology reports
  • "Well Child Health book"

Check re any immediate concerns. For example, does the family need or want to visit the nurse prior to the paediatric child/teenager/adolescent appointment?

Preparation for Adults

  • GP referral letter
  • Any previous diagnostic information
  • Completed adult assessment forms for ADHD and ASD and Health Questionnaire
  • School reports if available
  • Discussion re need for the assessment, e.g. issues with work, tertiary study, social, managing finances
  • Review of what the ultimate goal/s are
  • May require information from previous health agencies 
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